“Boobifull or Faboobless Healthy is the Prettiest”

Yo Bitches – I wrote this for you.  I was inspired by this random photo that I had taken of my daughter and her girlfriends being silly at the mall.  I just love this pic.  So innocent and having so much fun!   Don’t you remember those days……  Please pass along – maybe this look back will inspire more than one to get in and get their Mammogram done.

 “Hey They Came Through – Now How About YOU”

Remember when you couldn’t wait till they were here,

Stuffing your bra – checkin’ ‘em out in the mirror.

They arrived alright – a much awaited debut.

Perky and perfect a dream come true!

And, now for me – They hang so low

I could tie them in a knot or in a bow

But I can still stuff ‘em all nice and tight

Into a Magic bra and – boom – Dynamite!

Your sisters, your melons, your girls your rack…

No matter their name or how high the stack

Way back when they came through for you

Now once a year they deserve a little rendezvous

An appointment, that is, your MAMMOGRAM

Get in there now cuz I give a damn!

Post, Pass and Share

Show your bitches that you care!

With Love & Laughter & Good Health Ever After

~ Suzi, Queen of the JB’s


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