“I Will Always Remember…..I Promise”

11 Years Ago…My Daughter & I. This photo was taken after I had won a Video Essay contest on what does the American Flag Mean To Me. The contest was for Tommy Hillfiger. My entry was overnighted on September 10, 2001 for arrival at the Avenue of Americas in New York on Sept 11. I had forgotten about the contest….and the meaning of the American Flag took on a whole new meaning the day my entry was to arrive.   About 2 months later I received a Fed X package stating that I was one of the winners and had won $10,000. Someday I will share that Video with you. But today I just want to remember….

I held my newborn baby girl
As I watched the changing world
Heartache filled my chest
True fear filled the rest
It was a beautiful sky so bright
How could so many be in their life fight
For under that same sky, I sat that day
In middle America, safe, so far away
My cousin came by to see my new little girl
As we watched in horror the changing world
The man there to make a repair
Sat with us at the end of my bed, a moment to share
In the silence of the middle of the night
I would turn on CNN and hold my baby tight
All those searching with photos in hand
How could this be happening in our fair land
With the sound of a passing jet
An unsettled feeling would quickly set
I remember taking special notice of the scent of the air
fearful of chemical warfare
I write this today 11 years past
For I must remember – I must make it last
For all the heroes, the children, the moms and dads
For all they lost & all they had
I remember them for it is just a tiny tribute
But to all who lost – from the bottom of my heart I salute!



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