“Ready to Get Schooled”

For all my JB’s with school aged chitlins – you know your schedule is ready to change drastically! Early stressful mornings, homework, soccer, volleyball, football..ball ball, dance, more homework, schedules upon more schedules.

My son’s face says it all in this morning’s picture… “Are you FRICKEN’ kidding Me?!?” No, my little loveys, I am NOT!!  School is in and guess what so are we! All in! Make sure YOU make time for You. Cuz we all know how the saying goes…. “If Mama ain’t Happy….Everybody’s Fucked! :)!”

Get your work out in! Drink Your Water! Eat Right! No Crap You Hear Me —-We’re not Taking Any CRAP! Schedule yourself first! I don’t want to hear any of those teacher’s reports.. “If Suzi would only apply herself”! Apply Dammit! Apply & Conquer!

This Mama is down 20 f#*%ers!  Count em! TWE-NTY!!! And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a little over scheduling interfere with my road to 50!  Whose with me?!

With Love, Laughter & Good Health Ever After!


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