Boozin’ & Loozin’!

Say it isn’t so!  Oh they’ll all tell you it isn’t so!  From Dr. (Lizard of) OZ to the reality star(ving) house wife who came up with that God Awful Skinny Girl Bulimic’s Barf in a Bottle! But I’m here to tell ya….are you listening…..Can you hear me now……Here I go……  YOU CAN BOOZE & LOOZE!  You can have your booze and drink it too!

It’s all choices baby!  I’m not gonna sugar coat it (cuz sugar is an evil bitch) it’s so NOT easy but you can do it!  I’m not talking binge boozing every day.  I’m talking maybe a couple days a week getting your drink on and wearing her well!

Trix of the Trade!

  1.   Stay in Control Bitch!
  2.   Earn it with your days work out!
  3.   Avoid the sugary mixes.  Go with diet soda if that’s your mixHER. Stick with a lite beer.  Vodka a good choice!
  1. “Clever Coozie, Suzi” Why Thank You!

    4.    Permission to party does not mean permission to pig out on party food.   If you’re   drinkin’ you got to be thinkin’ (about every tiny morsel you put in your mouth)!

    5.  Protein.  You are drinking your carbs.  Remember Choices!

    6.  Less food means less jungle juice to get your groove on.

    7.  No Drive thrus on the way home! Absolute.  No!

    8.  No eating anything after you get home before bed – If your bed spins – you better  put one foot on the ground and stop the mother fucker – (see # 1)

    9.  Hung over? Too bad!  No excuse to eat at crap!  Drink water, eat clean and know that you’ll feel better the next day.

    10.  Pay for it with a good work out.

I have changed my eating drastically.  I have changed my fitness plan slightly (ol’ boozer has some work to do here).  I have not changed getting my drink on.

I’m not bragging but my social calendar is slammed & I am bragging when I tell you I can drink (& cuss) a sailor under the table (all while maintaining complete control)!  I am currently 18 fuckers down and have done it all in the midst of summer soirees & vacations galore/hoar.  I’m happy to report when it comes to  Operation “Boozin & Loozin” JB – Sistahs – It can be done!  Bottoms Up!

With Love & Laughter & Good Health Ever After!


3 thoughts on “Boozin’ & Loozin’!

  1. Whoohooo I’m with ya!! I’m 24 suckers down and can drink with the best of em! Love this! Added suggestion: before you go to bed drink a full 8 oz of water and two Advil and you won’t have to eat the greasy ‘hangover’ foods the next day 😉

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