“Confidence…Drop it Like it’s HOT!”

It’s true that there is nothing hotter than confidence!  It’s also true that feeling better about my body also gives me more confidence.  So what the frick came first?  It’s been said that my parents instilled too much confidence in me as a child.  Is that possible…”too much”?!?

It is true that because of that confidence I really did feel like I could do anything.   I was really quite shocked when I didn’t make my high school softball team, volleyball team, cheer leading squad, school play surely i would make the school play – (I mean I could out sing Shania at the time and looked just as hot in a half shirt)…and they had to take everyone who tried out ….right?  I mean come on the name of the high school was Rosary.  NOPE!  I guess the nuns just didn’t appreciate my rendition of “Hey Big Spender” while sprawled across the top of the piano like Cher working her “V-A-M-P…Vamp!” number (oh yes of course in my half shirt).

It looked like the only thing I was gonna make in high school was a record for the most things tried out for without a single “make”!  Eventually I did make the Poms team.  I think I just finally wore the bastards down!  Oh and friends – Hell, I lettered in “Friends”!

Would I have tried if I didn’t have confidence?  Hell no.  Even though in many cases mine was a false sense of confidence – Damn it I had it. I worked it. And, life has been a much more thrilling ride because of it! There are all kinds of debates now on if parents are giving their kids a false sense of confidence by over praising them.  Fuck that!  Praise away!  Don’t be a fricken weirdo about it “Oh Sandy that’s the prettiest poop”!  Just be a good parent – build your child up – make them feel that with hard work they can accomplish their dreams.  Make them feel beautiful!!  When they fail and come home crying because they didn’t make this or that do what my mom did and tell them “Ahhh those bitches are just jealous!” …… Ok maybe save that one for when you really need it.

If I could give one gift to you my precious JBs – it would be the gift of confidence!  But it turns out – it is something you must give yourself.

Some of the most beautiful women in the world don’t have it.  It is something that can not be bought or taught!  It’s something you must find within yourself and nurture it like it’s the last living soul on earth!  I have learned that my confidence is at it’s strongest when I feel good about myself.  But I also believe that 60 % of a good looking ass is because it’s a good looking ass and 40% of a good looking ass is how it’s carried.  I carry mine with confidence baby, like the cover of Sports Illustrated Swim Suit cover model confidence.  Do you think I could make that if I try out? (jealous bitches)

It boils down to this – for me, confidence comes with feeling good.  Getting off the Yo Yo allows me to feel weigh better – consistently building more of that hot confidence.  Lord Have Mercy-  JB Chickies – I apologize in advance but I am going to be so hard to handle the hotter I get!…….  Confidence your best feature – flaunt it!

Now carry that fine ass like you mean it!


3 thoughts on ““Confidence…Drop it Like it’s HOT!”

  1. Love this!!!! You can only give confidence to yourself. Amen!!! And listen, I made the track team. Track. It IS the sport that takes everyone. But I worked that field like no ones biz 🙂

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