“18 Fuckers Down & Look What I Found”

It’s my Waist, Bitches!!!   How bout that?  I put on my new suit for meetings today – and there she was – all proud and sucked in!  I got to tell ya, I was super pissed at her – I mean the bitch has  been gone for so long -at one point I even gave up on her fricken’ return.  Had myself talked in to “I don’t really give a fuck if she ever comes back!”  Well I’m here to tell you I’m so happy the bitch has decided to make an appearance!  (Can’t you tell by my naughty librarian – duck lips grin!)

18 fuckers in, and 32 more to go and I am noticing all kinds of changes!   My face is thinner!  My boobs still big but not grossly huge! Not as much dangle in my wangle – when I raise my arms.  My double wide ass is almost a single wide with just a car port.  And i’m not the only one noticing!  The receptionist today at one of my clients did not know who I was!  Didn’t know who I was?!I nearly hurdled her desk to give her a big ol’ hug!   And all 4 people that I met with whom – I have not seen for about 6 – 8 weeks commented on all the less wiggle.  Yep 18 Fuckers down sitting at a buck seventy five!   So happy I didn’t give up  on that bitch!  That would have been such a waste!  Don’t give up bitches!


7 thoughts on ““18 Fuckers Down & Look What I Found”

    • Why Thank You RFM! I surely appreciate your encouragement and you stopping by…you can bet I’ll be checking your real fit self out real soon :)! Have a great week! With Love, Laughter, & Good Health Ever After – Suzi

      • Thanks so much! Let me know if I have your permission to share your blog with the mommies on the website I co-founded. We started a fit and healthy contest today and I like to share others ups and downs with them. I ask permission now since we’ve had a couple of nasty bloggers get ticked at us for sharing.

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