Fashion Flash Forward

Will it be a little number from your past or something you can wear at last?  No matter your pick just know that some day soon, baby – in it – you’re gonna be sick (that means you’re gonna so rock it in kid lingo)!  I pick this lil’ gingham number that I wore on one of my first dates with my husband back in May of 96 and then wore it again for my dads last birthday party on the 4th of July (big cry) and then again when my husband brought me home to South Dakota to meet his parents right after the 4th.  I won’t be slippen’ it on this 4th but we all know how fast time goes – before you know it I’ll be rocking the gingham again.  This baby survived a lot of closet clean outs.  I mean think about it – I’ve held on to it for over 16 years.  I’m sure that has to do with it being my party dress for my dad’s last b-day bash!  He was born on the 4th of July – so you know he was one hell of a guy!  Some day I’ll tell you all about him – he deserves his own post – Hell – he deserves his own blog!     Ok – I showed you mine now what’s your F3 gonna be?  Let’s see!Image


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