“Fifty Shades of Weigh”

Ok – maybe not as pornographic but some days just as masochistic!  Luckily for me not today – The number today is 182.  I’m down 11 fuckers from my go weight of 193 – 39 to go.  I am now entering the danger zone….that zone for me where i can really start to tell I’m losing and I get lulled into a false sense of hotness. Don’t get me wrong bitches – i want you to feel hot every step of the way but don’t go getting too comfortable in that string bikini.  There is still a lot of work ahead.  We need to be checking our number at least 1x a week – write it down or look for the “50 Shades” graphic on my fb page and check in there with the good the bad or the fugly.  Together will get there.   I’m going to celebrate my newly found sense of hotness with a mani and pedi today with my beautiful daughter Johni – that string bikini is gonna have to wait.  How are you going to celebrate yours?Image


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