“My Minus 3 Jubilee”

The Queen Celebrated her 60th Jubilee today. I celebrated dropping the first 3 of my 50 fuckers in just 24 hours! Now, I don’t expect to keep losing the little bastards at that rate but I have to say I was quite jubilant upon my unveiling of the royal numbers. I reflected on all i did right yesterday…I was an H2O HO! No Carbs after 2pm – Good Carbs Before 2pm – Grapes, Tomatoes, Fresh Pineapple – Lean protein.  I think the key to the Jubilee for me was getting my head in the game and having a game plan.  I was stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies and ready to roll – and roll I did – I hit the pavement for 45 minutes with a quick walk sprinkled with 2 minute runs.   47 Fuckers to go…whose with me – now?!



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