50 Fuckers to Fabulous

I’ve got 50 fuckers that are hanging on for dear life!  But let me tell you their life is about to be cut short one little pound at a time!  In all my ups and downs, I have gone back and forth on whether or not to step on the scale.  Does the number i see there discourage me or encourage me?  The truth is, just that — the truth!  And sometimes, baby, the truth certainly hurts.  I have decided i need that number.  I need to see that number.  I have tried telling myself “oh – I don’t need the scale.  My body will tell me how i’m doing”!  Bullshit!  I need to be accountable to that number!  I love games.  I love to win. That’s how i’m playing this – a game.  Me against those 50 Fuckers.  And I’m here to tell you I’m ready to open up a can of whoop ass!  How about you?!  How many Fuckers are you about to beat?


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